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Gift idea for book lovers

If you are a book lover you're gonna love this bookmark even more! The perfect gift idea for a book lover! check it out

Gift idea for boyfriend

Men also need to keep their personal belongings in one place. So this is a very manly way to do it and a perfect gift idea! check it out

Gift idea for plants lovers

A pencil with a water activated seed capsule, Sprout can be planted when it becomes too short to use. What was once a writing utensil soon grows into an herb. check it out

Gift idea for geeks

Stack them up in the proper order (easy, because the coasters are labeled) and you can look down on a full brain. check it out

Useful gift idea

The best ideas come in the shower so don't forget it and write it in this shower whiteboard! check it out

Gift idea for cooks

Just add food and flame. Portable and motorized Grizzly Spit Rotisserie, for that bistro - roasted taste anytime, anywhere. check it out

Gift idea for girlfriend

Let a clear message when training with this funny t-shirt, the perfect gift idea for girlfriend check it out

Gift idea for drinkers

Enjoy the classic game of checkers, but with an adult twist. The shotglasses serve as the checker pieces and standard checker rules apply. check it out

Gift idea for men

Finally there is a solution to having all your screws and nails at hand as you are drilling and hammering away. check it out

Gift idea for kids

The perfect indoor toy for family fun, for parties and even at work, the wham-o mini golf disc set is small enough for an office or patio. check it out

Funny gift idea

Go back to your childhood with this 2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar. Each day is covered with a bubble that you can pop throughout the day. check it out

Cool gift idea

Keep that annoying Pac-Man from eating all the fruit in the house with the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp! check it out

Funny gift idea

Are you ready for action? The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. check it out

Gift idea for coworkers

This old-school Desk Tidy it's shaped just like a retro cassette tape and is a great storage solution for up to 30 pens or pencils and small stationery items like paper clips, push pins, elastic bands or staples. check it out

Gift idea for cooks

Forget the mess in your kitchen everytime you peel the vegetables with this awesome product! check it out

Gift idea for girlfriend

We know that you don't want to carry a lot of things out. So this Case-Mate Battery Charger Case for iPhone 6 is all you need to be comfortable taking just the necessary with you. check it out