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Cool Featured gift for pets

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Fun gifts

One of the fun gifts that will sure get laughs. Be sure to stand out at the next party with this funny mask. Fits most adult heads. Made of latex. check it out

Gift idea for pet owner

Give your pooch a rustic dining table with this feeder, made from an upcycled wine barrel. This is a great gift idea for a pet owner that loves wine or decorating. Check it out

Gift idea for dogs

If you're looking for a very unique gift idea for dogs, this is the one! It's a houndstooth-patterned pipe to squeak. Pups love swinging and slamming this plush calabash. Check it out

Gift for dogs

This gift for dogs has the most comfortable dog clothes and accessories. All the materials and textiles are high quality and highly supervised by our designers. This design it's a Superman dog costume with hands. check it out

Gift for cats

New groomer that brushes cats' coats while they play! This is a perfect gift for cats. It has a super sturdy carpet base. Perfect for scratching! check it out

Gift idea for animal lovers

Birds are very social animals. Interactive toys educate birds and provide companionship while owners are away. The perfect gift idea for animal lovers! check it out