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Gift for baby shower

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Weird gifts

Windi the Gaspasser is one of those WTF products I as a childless dude saw and immediately thought was, in this order: a funny joke; a disgusting not-joke; a sad reality. You basically stick this little (un)plug in your baby's butt when s/he's gassy, colicky, or constipated to bypass some baby butt muscle and create instant relief. Totally a weird gift! check it out

Baby shower gift idea

Perfect gift for parents who have a great sense of humor! Hilarious baby shirt! check it out

Baby shower gift idea

Keep baby cool with a clip-on Stroller Fan. Attaches easily to strollers and other surfaces to keep the breeze flowing. check it out

Gift idea for kids

Slip Flo over your faucet to gently divert the flow of water. This creates a waterfall effect for drama free rinsing. The perfect gift idea for kids! check it out

Baby shower gift idea

The Bebe Bottle Sling is designed to hang from any infant car seat. A new way to feed a baby has come. A very nice gift for a baby shower! check it out