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  1. Active (73)
  2. Hipster (22)
  3. The entrepreneur (11)
  4. Animal lover (74)
  5. Fashionista (21)
  6. Book lover (13)
  7. The Gardener (22)
  8. The Artist (46)
  9. Loves to decorate (20)
  10. Geek (66)
  11. Traveler (86)
  12. Loves to Entertain (2)

Gift for men who have everything

Bring your photos to life! Print photos from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. This is a very special gift for men who have everything. Just simply attach your smartphone to your Prynt Case, press the shutter button to take a photo followed by a short video clip, and get a printed photo in your hands in seconds. Check it out

Gift idea for girlfriend

This romantic greeting card is the perfect way to say I love you on that special occasion and also the perfect gift for girlfriend! check it out

Gift for geeks

Relive your old-school gaming days all over again by accenting your outfit with the Playstation console messenger bag. Styled like the original console, A gift for geeks check it out

Gift idea for active women

This personal water filtration straw will ensure that no matter where you are in the world you’ll always have clean drinking water. The best gift for active woman! check it out

Birthday gift for husband

MiniPresso is the most compact espresso machine, capable of making quality espresso. This is the perfect birthday gift for a husband. MiniPresso is hand operated, no batteries, no electric power. Check it out

Gift idea for beach lovers

No more stress at the beach because the sand in your personal stuff! Now you can relax without worrying about your perteniences. The perfect gift idea for beach lovers! check it out

Gift idea for dog owner

Toss a treat to your dog through the free Furbo iOS/Android app. The easily way to get connected to your dog and feed it. check it out

Gift idea for geeks

Stack them up in the proper order (easy, because the coasters are labeled) and you can look down on a full brain. check it out

Fitness gift idea

Chase your goals with the original SKLZ Speed Chute, a speed resistance training parachute for all kinds of athletes. check it out

Gift idea for coworkers

keep your cards in a very funny way with this Silicone Animal Card-Holder. The perfect gift idea for coworkers! check it out

Gift idea for parents

Use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, get the news, control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. The perfect gift idea for parents! check it out

Gift idea for active men

"No batteries to change or charge. A gift idea for active men or active women because it's powered by motion with magnets. An environmentally friendly & safe item." check it out

Gift ideas for kids

Watch kids' (and adults') creativity come alive with these BRIGHT NEON COLOR Chalk Markers that are much more vibrant than regular chalk. Just imagine the bright, eye-catching designs you or your child will be able to create with these amazing chalk pens! An amazing gift idea for kids! check it out

Gift idea for dog owner

An interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you’re away from home. The perfect gift idea for a dog owner! check it out

Gift idea for animal lover

This 3-gallon fish tank is a closed-loop, self-cleaning ecosystem. Absolutely the best gift idea for an animal lover! check it out

Gift idea for girlfriend

Don't be shame to explain everybody you are "Hangry" with this funny T-Shirt ! Totally the best gift for girlfriend! check it out