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gift for adult women

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Bachelorette gift idea

A hand sized stress toy shaped like a willy. It's a perfect gift idea for a bachelorette party! Relieve stress with this little willy. check it out

Gift idea for couple

Get intimate with your partner like never before with the underwear designed for two people. The perfect gift idea for couples! check it out
Flaunt it if you’ve got it with the ass cleavage underwear. Deemed too sexy for traditional stores such as Victoria’s Secret, this revealing pair of underwear will highlight your best asset, and also makes squeezing out a chocolate hot dog a much simpler and faster process. check it out

Gift for her

Display the uterus in all its glory, allowing the exhibitionist in you to go wild while not actually getting naked. A very funny and unique gift idea for her. check it out
Give your bedroom a bit of flair that’s reflective of your wild social life using these party life pillow cases. These 100% cotton pillows cases come printed with every twenty-something’s mantra to “sleep all day” and “dance all night”. check it out
Make it through the debauchery unscathed by bringing along this bachelorette weekend survival kit. This party weekend must-have comes with everything from Altoid mints for fresh breath and Alka-Seltzer for your headache the day after. check it out

Gift idea for drinkers

Just add booze and start the fun right away with this gift idea for drinkers, the book with 25 favorite drinking games that includes classic card games and much more! check it out

Best man gifts

Life is too short to spend sober – that’s why the Ultimate Party Travel Guide is here to show you the best party spots on the planet. From pub crawls to beach parties, the guide shows you over 100 of the world’s best places to get completely wasted. A very unique best man gift! check it out

Valentine's gift for men

Send a message that you're working out in the bedroom so you don't get unexpected visitors. This is gag gift that's perfect for a Valentine's gift for men. check it out

Novelty gift idea

Send anonymously your enemies a bag of edible dicks. Simply provide the shipping address and the courier will take care of the rest. A funny gift idea! check it out

Funny gift idea

A good old fashioned teabagging – just like dad used to make. This is the perfect funny gift idea for friends, family or coworkers! check it out

Gift idea for a bachelorette party

Now you and you hole squad can wear these cute bachelorette party shirts. They’re completely customizable, so you and your best betches can paint the whole town red before the big day. The best gift for a bachelorette party! check it out

bachelor party gifts

If you love bachelorette party this gift is definitely for you, become the soul of the party with these funny tattoos. check it out

Bachelorette gift idea

Who says balloons are just for kids? Next time you`re throwing an adult party, try spicing it up with these sexy Penis Balloons. The perfect bachelorette gift idea! check it out

Gift idea for girlfriend

Fun dice glow in dark Sweethearts love Toys Perfect Gift for lover. Gift idea for girlfriend! check it out

Bachelorette gift idea

The perfect bachelorette gift idea! Each box contains 12 lipsticks with a clear phallic-shaped top with a twist bottom and gold foil script. check it out