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Gift for women artists

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Awesome gift idea

In case you need to cut a bottle, there is the original kinkajou with sandpaper included to help finish the glass check it out

Gift idea for Christmas

Play music with so much style with this amazing Stereo! The perfect gift idea for Christmas! check it out

Gift idea for boyfriend

If you have a Star Wars lover friend sorprise him with this amazing SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones. Totally the best gift for boyfriend! check it out

Gift idea for pinting lovers

Everybody have a friend who loves art so this 23 piece acrylicpainting is the best gift for painting lovers! check it out

Gift idea for pinting lovers

The beginner art sets have everything you need to start creating what you have always dreamed. The perfect gift idea for an art lover! check it out

Unique birthday gift idea

80 pieces are held neatly in this attractive wooden case, complete with metal latches to close and a handle for carrying. It's a cool and unique birthday gift idea for her or him. It also has the name of the owner! check it out

Gift for kids

Faber-Castell Metallic Gel Sticks bring shimmering colors to life. These gel sticks are rich, creamy and smooth for easy blending. The perfect gift idea for creative kids! check it out

Gift idea for tech lovers

Coolest gift idea for tech lovers, ideal for students looking for a science fair project, or the electronics enthusiast looking for a new gadget to build. check it out

Gift idea for music lovers

Everything you need to DJ and remix tracks live in a device not much larger than a smart-phone. The best gift for music lover! check it out

Gift idea for musicians

The Castiv Guitar Sidekick is a universal support system designed to hold a smartphone or similar device on your guitar. The perfect gift idea for musicians! check it out

Christmas gift idea

Every key is individually molded and specially printed on clear silicone for a long lasting professional look. Absolutely the best gift idea for christmas! check it out

Gift idea for music lovers

Make your own guitar picks from any thin piece of plastic like expired credit cards, gift cards, etc. check it out

Gift idea for photographers

Build your very own digital camera with the Bigshot camera kit. It's a no-solder, clip-together kit, to help anyone understand the electronic and mechanical systems required to build a digital camera. check it out

Awesome gift ideas

From the main stage to the man cave, the Marshall Fridge was born to rock. Featuring authentic Marshall Amp parts including logos, fret cloth, and a brass-finished faceplate, the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration is finally here. check it out

Awesome gift idea

Did you imagine a machine that could draw something and then you could eat it? Well, meet the PancakeBot check it out

Useful gift idea

The best ideas come in the shower so don't forget it and write it in this shower whiteboard! check it out