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Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage

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  • Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage - Gift idea for men

Gift idea for men

If your dream is to be a secret agent or just keep your gun away from children this Gun Cabinet Wall Shelf Hidden Storage is perfect for you.

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Covert Cabinets are made in America. They can hang on any wall in any room in your home or office. Items can be placed on the shelves and left there. Items on the shelf will not interfere with your access to firearms or other valuables. Locks, latches and hinges are hidden from view with no indication that they are present when the compartment is closed. The compartment drops down from under the shelf. The interior lock is magnetic that requires a magnetic key to access, which of course is included. The storage compartment does not simply drop open, spilling things when you activate the magnetic lock to open. The hinges operate smoothly using a "Stabilus" dampener gas spring. However, the hinges do operate quickly giving you immediate access to what is inside. The shelving blends into any décor so they are not the focal point that catches the eye. Subdued and yet allowing things to be hidden in plain sight, making them the ideal "secret" storage place that allows quick access to your firearms. Gun cabinet wall shelf with drop down hidden storage Tuscan finish and easy to mount with hardware and instructions included Exterior Dimensions are 21 long by 12 wide by 4 deep The hinges operate smoothly using a dampener gas spring which allows for a controlled opening

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