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Kangaroo Jumps - Special Edition - Gift idea for an active woman

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  • Kangaroo Jumps - Gift idea for an active woman_1
  • Kangaroo Jumps - Gift idea for an active woman_1
  • Kangaroo Jumps - Gift idea for an active woman_1
  • Kangaroo Jumps - Gift idea for an active woman_1
  • Kangaroo Jumps - Gift idea for an active woman_1

Gift idea for an active woman

A fun & very low impact workout that burns 2x the calories in 1/2 the time. The perfect gift idea for an active woman. Low impact activity for weight loss, muscle training, core workout for all fitness levels.

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For 20 years Kangoo Jumps Boots have been increasingly making a mark in the Health and Fitness world. Experts in fitness and wellness point to the many benefits of a fun, easy to use exercise that is easy on the body and great for weight loss and fitness. Traditionally used by runners and for knee and joint patients, the KJs have become mainstream at gyms and bootcamps all over the world. Use at home, run the block, use in the gym, take with you on trips, this is a complete gym that is actually not only fun and good for you but Extremely Effective for athletes, moms and weekend warriors. Most often used by former runners so they can now run...nearly IMPACT FREE, but now used for Group Fitness in many Gyms & Spas in aerobics classes (Kangoo Nation, Kangoo Club), the Kangoo Jump Boots have shown to increase the fun in exercise which keeps people using the equipment longer & more often. Now you can have a fun exercise session in your home for fitness in your basement, garage or just go for a Jog Around the Block and Spice Up Your fitness routine! No matter what your current fitness level, whether a seasoned Weekend Warrior or are just begining to get your exercise routine started, the Kangoo Jump Boots make the whole process Easy to Do (less than 15 minutes to get used to them) and Safe To Use (the jumping mechanism has built in safety release to prevent ankle or leg injury). Kangoo Jump Boots were originally designed by a doctor for physical rehab patients who had knee, hip and back injuries. Ask your Doctor if rebounding is right for your condition. "Thanks for introducing me to Kangoo Jumps. They are the best, I love them As a former Mr. Universe I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape. Kangoo Jumps are now my favorite cardio exercise As a Fitness Pro I am always researching innovative and effective ways for my clients to get fit. Kangoo Jumps are it! They are the best all around exercise in the Universe!!!" Mick

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